Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 16 November Gratitude

I am grateful today that my children have their own personalities and interests. I am grateful that they can entertain themselves and have great imaginations. I am grateful that they can be alone and don't need friends around all the time. I grateful that they like talking to and being with me. This is how Tanner spent his Sunday a week ago. It was a beautiful day out and he just camped out by the pool reading for about an hour or so after church.

Cynjyn has quite the imagination. She has taken an interest lately in drawing designs of clothing and coloring them and even pricing them. This is how she spent that same Sunday. Just this morning on the way to school we were talking about the snow day we had last year here in Vegas. It has become quite cold these last few days and everyone was guessing whether we'd have another snow day and I said the last one we had before this last year was 30 years ago and we probably won't have another one for another 30 years. To which Cynjyn replied: "I'll be 38 then and I'll be an adult and won't enjoy it because I'm not a kid anymore." That made me kind of sad that she recognized that. It made me think I need to play more and enjoy spontaeous moments more like children do.
Talon usually comes home for lunch between 2 and 3. Today, he came home at noon. I asked him why he was home so early and he said that he wanted to have me all to himself and when he comes home late, we never get to talk because his brothers are home. So, we made lunch and just sat there and talked about nothing inparticular for his hour break.
Taz did the dishes for me this afternoon while I was doing piano lessons. I did ask him to, but he did an awesome job and didn't complain. I am grateful for all my children and all their personalities. They make my life interesting and complete.


gwen said...

You have awesome kids! I'm glad they have the opportunity to be themselves! (and the picture of Tanner is soooooo Tanner!)

Carol said...

Nice kids!

kc and k said...

Oh how I love your kids! You can tell Cynjyn that she can come to my neck of the woods anytime (in the winter) to enjoy the snow now while she's still young enough.