Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25 November Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for Taz. I was typing up a poem he'd written last night for English. I'll let his poem be it today. Here are some pictures of him taken from spirit week a few weeks ago. He really got into dressing up and had a good time. School spirit day.
Jersey Day.

Crazy Hat Day.

Crazy Sock Day. We didn't get a picture of Pajama Day, but let's just say he was comfy that day. Now, here's the poem:
I am thankful for many importatnt things in my life.
For any type of meat, not vegetables, but fruits.
For my Grandma's cabin at Wallowa Lake.
For being able to watch football and play football.
For my first grade teacher who inspired me to like Sponge Bob.
For the computer to play Balloon Tower Defense Four and Facebook.
For my Grandpa who helped me live like I was in the olden days.
For playing any athletic sport (If I'm on a good team).
For being able to play the piano and swim.
For my kitty Mowgli or Mr. Momo.
This is what I'll be giving thanks for this Thanksgiving.
Well said Taz. I love you!!


kc and k said...

We love you, Taz! Who's idea was it to go short with his hair? It looks nice.

Krissy T. said...

I love that poem Taz! You are quite the poet! I am thankful for Taz too. He makes the world more interesting.

Ron said...

Great choice for jersey day and good poem. Interesting to see into the minds of young poets.

gwen said...

I love Taz and his poem, and I'm proud of him for getting into the spirit of things at school! Love the hat and socks!Krissy's right--he makes the world more interesting!

Carol said...

Inspired to like Sponge Bob? Too funny! Nice poem!