Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween has come and gone!

I love Halloween. I love the change in the weather, I love decorating, I love the process of coming up with costumes, I love it all. Cynjyn wanted to be a vampire from the beginning. They got to dress up for school on Thursday (no school Friday due to Nevada day). So by the time trunk or treat came, they were ready and had perfected their costumes. Cynjyn and Rebecca were both vampires.

Tanner was a goth. He wore it to school on Thursday and his first period teacher was freaked out. She was obsessed and made all her department friends come in and see him. She said it was one of the best costumes she'd seen. He got a lot of comments all day! At trunk or treat, he freaked everyone out too. They were all obsessed with his piercings and how he got his look. It was a fun weekend for him!

Taz was Edward. He originally wanted to be Deadpool from the Wolverine movie, but that was just too difficult, so we went with Edward. We got him the layed clothing look and glitter spray and made him super glittery. Luckily, his hair was long enough to style and curl like Edward.

Only one girl at school knew who he was~everyone else thought he was Jack Frost??? But when we got to Thriller EVERYONE knew who he was and random girls were asking to get their pictures taken with him. He had about 4 groups of teen and older girls ask for a picture with him, so he was thrilled with that. At Trunk or Treat a lot of people thought he was Michael Jackson, go figure that??

I had been wanting to "theme" Garry and I for a couple of years now, but Garry always puts so much into the kids, that he just relys on the costume box for his at the last minute. So in September, I told him what we were going to be and found stuff for the costume and made it happen. He tweeked my dress and sewed it up for me and we ended up buying the hair wig, since that is a big part of her look. He had time to get his look together and waalaa, here were are! Everyone loved it at trunk or treat, and the funny thing was is that the bishop was Frankenstein and his wife was supposed to be his bride, but she wasn't like me, more like a vampire. Anyway, when we got up bishops comment was "not only did you copy us, but you look way better than us!!" (That's his wife on the far right of the above picture). They had a costume contest and Garry won best overall adult costume. The activities chairman said they should have given a best couples costume...but they didn't. Way to go Garry!

Some random before shots.

We have no idea how to get our self-timer to work on our camera, so we had one of Taz's friends take a family shot at trunk or treat. Course we didn't notice the glare on Tanner until we got home that night, oh well.

Our friend Lea got a picture of the trunk all decked out and the kids waiting to play our game.
Taz's group of friends all went to a neighborhood afterwards to trick or treat together. They are such a good group and really enjoy being together!

Sydney, Rebecca and Cynjyn hung out together all night, then Cynjyn went with Rebecca to her Grandpa's neighborhood to trick or treat, so Garry, Tanner and I went home and relaxed and didn't have to take anyone trick or treating!! Garry and I watched Grand Torino and Tanner watched his traditional Buffy scary episodes!

Taz brought Josh and Hansen back home with him and they all had a candy trading session after they were done. Everyone went home happy! Lest you think this post is a little lacking in the Talon department, it's because he and Tiffany went to California for the weekend for Tiffany's birthday. So they weren't even here. They left right after Thriller!

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Carol said...

You guys had great costumes! I love what a cute couple you and Garry make!

gwen said...

I love how you get into Halloween, and I hate that I missed it all! That was a really fun time for me to get to help y ou celebrate Halloween last year! The costumes were over the top, as usual! You are making lots of good memories for your family!

Ron said...

Wow, you guys never looked better, great job on the costumes.