Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 9 November Gratitude

I am grateful for carpools. With three kids at three different schools going at three different times, I would be driving all morning and all afternoon if it weren't for carpools. Tanner is in seminary now and luckily, Garry takes him and Hunter and Cora on his way to wok in the mornings. My wonderwoman friend Cathy brings him and Chris and Mikey and Natalie home in the afternoon. (We offered to take Chris to seminary, but he was already going with Mikey). Every other week, I drive the middle school morning carpool. We pick up Lawson and MaKenna and Alexis and the week we don't pick up, Linda drives. Taz comes home in the afternoons with either Jen Hill(M, W, F) or Jeanne Holland (T, Th). I take Cynjyn to school in the mornings and she rides home with Syndney in the afternoons(I offered to take Syd in the mornings, but Lea wanted to drive her). Lea volunteered to do this because three afternoons a week, I have piano and it really helps me out, I appreciate all the moms who help drive our kids each week. Carpools rock!!


kc and k said...

hmmm... I think I have an idea for the next math question to create.

Ron said...

Man, I got confused just reading all those trips/who's driving whom.... how much gas do you save?

Carol said...

Ron said it for me: "I got confused..." Wow! Supermom Kim!