Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Garry's summer

Usually when we leave for the summer, Garry likes to do some sort of home improvement project. It is much easier when 5 people are out of the house. This summer was no exception. These are in order from his latest to his earliest project. The first thing he did was tile the upstairs bathroom floor, and paint and replace the toilet. Those pictures are at the end of this post. Then when Tanner and I got back, he painted the two bathroom cupboards and put in new sinks. Those are the middle posts. While I was at camp and Tanner at BYU, he did the same thing to the kitchen cupboards. He found a DVD online that showed how to do a faux granite countertop with paint. So, here is photo proof how he spent his summer! Before


Our bathroom:
First you do an undercoat

Then you sponge about 4 different colors on top

Then you put a shilac on it. Here is the upstairs bathroom done waiting for a sink.

Of course a standard sink didn't fit in our holes, so he had to get his jigsaw out and make them fit. We got bone instead of white.

Tanner and I loved these bamboo/pump looking faucets, so we put them in the two bathrooms.
And this is the upstairs bathroom:


He did a great job. I wonder what he'll do next year...?
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Krissy T. said...

Love it! Nice job Garry! I was going to do the painting of my laminate counter in Ontario, but then I ended up moving before I could get around to it.

Heather said...

Wow! You are so lucky! It's looks great!

Carol said...

It looks great! Does Garry hire out? :O)

gwen said...

You are lucky Garry is so talented! He can do anyhing! It looks great! I always feel I contribute to the projects by keeping you all out of the home for 6 weeks : )