Thursday, October 27, 2016

August Little Things

Taz, Lyric, Charlie and Andrea decided to make and eat chicken rolls one day for a double date.  Charlie is just about as obsessed with them as Taz is. 

They were a hit and the leftovers were hid in the garage fridge.
Tanner and Cynjyn are soul mates and get along so well.  You can tell then chose each other up in heaven!
We went to Suicide Squad...all 8 of us (Taz brought Lyric) we went to the Galaxy in the luxury seats and we all enjoyed it. So for all those haters out there, take it for what it was...a comical comic movie, and don't try to believe it was up for an Oscar or anything.
Garry and Talon prepped our wall for a project.  We decided to put a backsplash in the kitchen
Mikel was checking Zappos memo board one Saturday night and a Hyundi Accent popped up for sale, 2009 with 4,000 miles on it.  They were asking $4500.  So she showed it to us because we had just mentioned that we needed to start looking for a car for Cynjyn.  We weren't ready to buy, but we were ready to look.  So we made contact with the owner and it was her 90 year old fathers car and he had just passed away and only drove it once a week to the post office and grocery store.  We made arrangements to go look at it the next day.  It was in decent shape, a few dings and rusts, but ok. We offered $4250 and she accepted.  So, we got a car for Cynjyn, she liked it and thought it was cute.
She decided to make her own halloween costume for a value project for YW.  She was going to start early so she wouldn't be rushed in October when school was in full swing.
She's going to be the queen of hearts.  We ordered tulle on Amazon and she went to work.
It's looking good, but this is the easy part!
We went to Mc Donalds one day after school and she mentioned that she had never had a Big Mac either (remember Taz) so she tried one and liked it well enough.
Grady and Jacob came over one day to have Cynjyn dress them up and do their make up and then they dressed her in Grady's clothes and walked around the neighborhood.  Why? We have no idea!
This was the crew for the Arcata Bowling party.  Taz and Talon had to work that night.
A few days after the wall dried, Garry set to work on that back splash.

We had an epic grilled cheese night one day for dinner.  We bought tons of different cheeses and meats and breads and cut each sandwich into 4th's and tried them all.  This all came about when the Hills had a pizza grilled cheese sandwich at our Memorial Day campout.  We finally got around to it in August.  We all liked the pizza one the best!
Love <3 br="">
Cynjyn heading out to band, Taz to volleyball, not really missing band too much.
Cynjyn got a new flute.  She needed a more advanced one and her other one was broken.  Now she uses the broken one during school and leaves the good one hear until concert band begins.
We've been playing a lot of pinochle and Tanner and I got a double run!!
Cynjyn made a birthday surpise box for her YW leader.

She also learned that she can't dance with her glasses.  So we tried contacts.  It took the Dr. a half an hour to get them in her eyes because they are so small.

 Sadly she tried and tried to get them in and never mastered it, so she just dances blurry eyed.

Taz's friends surprised him with a night of food and fun for his birthday.
We installed under the counter lights and now our kitchen is done and we LOVE it!

Tanner had various skin problems that still give him grief. 
Lyric, Tanner and Cynjyn began practicing a violin, flute, piano trio for Taz's farewell.
I made some delicious puff pastries one night for dessert.
Taz worked for a month at Beat the Books a book store next to UNLV that sells text books.  It is owned by a good friend of his Brother Black in our ward.  He only needed help for the month that school started and Taz needed some extra money.  Here's his first paycheck.
Garry and I tried The Roadkill Grill for lunch one day, it is a BBQ place in a meat packing plant and it was good!
Cynjyn danced at her first football game the Friday before school even started!
It was a beautiful night for a game and fun to see her do so well at dance.

Now I actually have something other than the boring old football to watch!

Gus enlisted her hair cutting skills.
Playing BANG! (Tanner, Lyric, Taz, Andrew, Talon, Garry and I)
YW sang for Sac. Meeting.
I always order our stars for our Back to School/You're special FHE in July because they are 20% off.  They always come beautifully wrapped.

This is our Family Theme for the year and Garry did the lesson on the talk it is based off

And here is each childs layout.  I keep them up for the whole year by the fireplace.

This year, I had each star engraved.  Garry's said: My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I'm doing, my perfect day is whenever I'm with you.
Mine said: I love the person I've become because I fought to become her.
Cynjyn's said: Dance isn't just dance, it's a magical something that sets you free.
Taz's said: The Lord is calling and you must go.
Tanner's said: One smile can't change the world, but your smile changes mine.
Talon and Mikel's said: You stole my heart, I'll let you keep it. 4-28-16

Cynjyn was the only one starting school and so she was the one that got a Father's blessing that night. 
I was a bad mom and forgot to get a picture of her in the morning of the first day of school.  So I took one after school and she'd already changed out of her outfit because she had dance last period.
Something was wrong with valve at the old house and the pool pump, so Garry and I went over to check it out on his day off.  It really made me miss my old pool and it's character, but also made me realize how small it is.

And finally, Cynjyn got one new pair of shoes for back to school.  Apparently her friends got some too.

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