Thursday, October 6, 2016

The beauty and Grandeur of Mt Howard and Wallowa Lake

We made a day trip to Wallowa Lake. Ky and kids, me and Cynjyn and the boys all wanted to take the gondola up to Mt Howard.  So we left early in the morning and then Krissy, Annalyn, mom and dad met us a little later for a picnic and the lake.  Me, Kres and Cynjyn took a tram together. 

The views up top did not disappoint.  It was a beautiful day.

We found a patch of snow for the boys to have a quick snowball fight (since it was off the path and we didn't want to get into too much trouble after the chipmunk fiasco which is another post to come)

You truly feel like you are on top of the world up there.
When you look down into valley and see the vastness of our world, it is truly breathtaking and solidifies my belief that a loving Heavenly Father created this massive earth for us to enjoy and I am so grateful for that.

Can you see the deer behind Cynjyn?

After we got back down, Kris, mom and dad had our picnic ready.  It was yummy make your own sub sandwiches, jello, pasta salad, cherries and chips. 

I love spending summers with my sisters.  They are my life and I love that we still get together and enjoy our summers.  I hope that doesn't change for a long time!

Some people braved the lake. 
Annalyn could have stayed in it all night!
She was so upset when we finally dragged her away, put on her clothes and called it a night.  She and Cynjyn watched the boys skip rocks while people got changed and ready for the ride home.
I took the boys to the souvenir gift shop on the way out.  Some of them got ice cream.

Our last hurrah, was having a big buck come up and visit us briefly.  We had been telling them about the deer walking right up to us and it finally happened on the way out, but still a great, fun day.

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