Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pendleton and Huckleberries

We took a day trip to Pendleton. I swear we just go there for the food, but Taz also wanted to show them where I grew up and lived.  (or so he says, I think he just wanted the fajitas and donuts.  Cynjyn is standing on bridge over McKay Creek.
Taz couldn't resist going in the creek.
and playing on the playground
This is Marcus's pose whenever he sees someone with a camera. I love it!

Taz and Andrew tried out the fitness course.
And them we got FAJITA'S at MATZATLAN.  Well at least the smart people did.  We told everyone to, but only me, Cynj, Taz and Marcus got them.
We had a sizzlin' good time!
Then we had to stop at Up with Donuts.  Andrew downed the butterfly
Taz got his bear claw
and Cynjyn got her raspberry filled...Charlie the butterfly.
On the way home, we stopped at Emigrant Park.  We had just missed our family reunion up there the weekend before the 4th and they said the huckleberries were good and plentiful and ripe.  It took us awhile, but we found them and started picking.  Andrew was most helpful and he, Cynjyn and I picked till the end. 
The other boys were good, but not quite so diligent
I don't think Ryan touched one...but Cynjyn was awesome!
The hands of effort.

We taught Andrew how to penny serf on the way home
 The boys helped make chicken rolls for dinner that night. 

 And grandma whipped up a delicious huckleberry cheesecake and
 We had some huckleberries on our waffles the next morning for breakfast.YUM! YUM! Totally worth the drive to Pendleton.

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