Friday, October 14, 2016

The Calm after the storm

Cynjyn and I stayed a few days after the boys left. We did a lot of resting and recouping in those days.  We also managed to do some fun things too.  Well, Cynjyn finished her summer school tests, not so much fun, but the rest fun.
We went down to Crazy Dayz on main street.

We did some 4 wheeling

We planned a last minute birthday party for Kres.  He wanted a family one like Annalyn's in June.  We whipped up some Pokemon ideas.

We played Pokemon BINGO and had a little treasure hunt.  It was fun for last minute!
Girl cousin time.

We found out that Debbie is selling her Ladd Canyon property.  She gave us permission to come take anything we wanted from the barns and property.  So we made a quick trip out there. 

We took some fun pictures while we were deciding what we wanted. 
We got some brands, some wood and windows from the old houses and chicken coops, we got some buckets and some harnesses. We were pleased, but sad that the property has to leave the family.

It is a beautiful place.

We squeezed in one last trip to the 480 to check the wild life cameras too. 

Cynjyn, Annalyn and I stayed behind while Krissy and Grandpa hiked to the camera.  We took some photos while we were waiting.

These were some of the cool photos the camera picked up. 

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Ella Waite said...

That picture of grandpa is so cute!!!! <3