Wednesday, October 19, 2016

June Little Things

Cynjyn loves having a sister!
We had cub scout day camp for a week and I was in charge of concessions.  I enlisted the help of these two for the dinner rush. 
The Thatcher kids helped too!

The camp had these fun photo opps as the theme was under the big top.  I made Tate, Maggie and Cynjyn take pictures in them.

Taz swam and cleaned the pool.
Cynjyn loved on both Sparky and Bentley.
Cynjyn is so funny when she drives the Suburban.  She has to have the seat way up just to reach the pedals and see over the hood.  It cracks me up!
Talon and his dog.
Me and my fudge bar.
Playing games is a typical Saturday for us.  Mikel works and Tanner and Talon have the day off.
We went to our friend Greg Valle's retirement party and made him this card (there was a clock in the box!)
Mama did not approve of this on Taz's neck!
Cynjyn watched a YouTube video on distressing jeans and then did it on an old pair she had.
Some of the YW had a fun swim party at Sister Haycocks.  Cynjyn loved when she puts bubbles in her pool!  Here she is with Danielle.
Emma, Cynjyn, Danielle, Kimber and Olivia
A typical summer day.

Cynjyn had to get some fillings done.  I took her to the dentist.  She hates this part. 

While she was getting the work done...there was a HUGE rain/hail storm.  It was viscous and crazy and caused all sorts of flooding and traffic delays.  I was outside videoing it and taking pictures. 

These videos were of the road right outside the dentist office and the normally dry, empty wash.
She was inside getting work done.

We got home and it had blown over the grapevine.  Silly Cynjyn tried to put it up all by herself.  It didn't work!

And that's June Little Things.

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