Friday, October 21, 2016


Talon got a cat. It happened quite quickly. His friend texted him one night and said that his sister had just got a kitten and brought it home, but his mom's dogs hated her and his mom told the sister to get rid of the kitten immediatly.  So Talon asked Dad if it was o.k.  He said to ask Tanner since he's the one who is allergic to them.  Tanner said fine and an hour later, we had a kitten in the house. 
They named her Bagherra keeping the Jungle Book theme of naming our cats after Jungle Book characters.  We are in love with that cute little kitten!!  We have discovered that we are really cat people.  We love Bentley, but that cat...we just LOVE her!
So, this post is dedicated to her. 
It took Bentley about a week before he warmed up to her.  He was curious from the beginning.  He wouldn't leave her alone, following her and cornering her whenever he could.
But in the end, they ended up loving each other and they play together every day!

Taz is willing and ready to share his dairy with her.  Every morning, she helps him eat his cereal.  A Bite for him, a sip of milk for her and they take turns.
She loves snuggling and hiding from Bentley on Cynjyn.
She bonded with me because I was home alone with her all day.  She likes to climb on my chest and sleep.  She likes it best when my hair is down and snuggles right in for her naps.
She loves to play with bags and boxes and she LOVES rubber bands!  She flings and chases them all over the house and there is always several rubber bands on our floor at any given moment.
When she's on me, Bentley has to be close by.
Snuggler she is.
Cynjyn is making a Halloween costume and she is obsessed with that tulle.  She plays in it and sleeps in it and hides in it.
She's very helpful in any project we are attempting.

Talon and Mikel bought her a cat house and Cynjyn couldn't wait to put it together!

At the very end she enlisted help from Tanner.
She likes me!

She likes Talon

She likes rice
She likes warm towels right from the dryer
She likes sleeping next to a human
She likes laptops

She's teething and lovingly bit me and it looks like a snake got me!
She even likes Tanner and he tolerates her.
Bentley still needs lots of loving and reassurance now that he's a big brother.
and this is her favorite place to sleep, up on our water dispenser.  It is warm and it vibrates.  Oh how nice it is to have a kitty back in the house.  She will leave when Talon and Mikel move out in November, but until then, we are soaking up every moment with her.

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