Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Universal Studios

We took a three day trip to California in June. We went to Universal Studios.We had really been wanting to see Harry Potter world.  Garry and I loved it, but Cynjyn claims she hated US and Taz and Tanner said it was just OK.  They all like the bigger roller coaster's better.  I didn't like the rides, but I did like the park and looking around.  Most of the rides are virtual rides and they made me kind of sick.  I did go on Transformers. 
Hogwarts in the background
In line for butterbeer.  There were no prices anywhere.  We got three cups (two regular and one frozen in commemorative mugs) and it was over $40.00

The frozen was defiantly the best.

Tanner wanted a wand and spent a good while finding just the right one.
He got an interactive wand and then he forgot to bring it our last days there and never really used it. 
Hogwarts was cute and fun, but little and small.  Only a few buildings which were mostly shops and a lot of people and three rides.
I think I would like it a lot at a less busier time of year!

We ate at a restaurant that Garry and I both like, the Old Spaghetti Factory.

We went on the tour of Universal and I loved it.

Buck Beak was there. 
Olivander's wand shop
There were heck a steep escalators that took you from the top to the bottom of the park.  They were fun.
Tanner and Cynjyn got some HP clothing.
Cynjyn felt vertically challenged at the hotel.
Taz woke up the last day and surprisingly didn't comb his hair, but joined us for breakfast. 
I made an amazing fish on my triscuit on the way home.
We loved the show Waterworld.  We went 3 times.  We sat in the soak zone one of the times.

And Garry and I loved the Jurrasic Park ride.  We went on it several times while the kids went on the virtual rides down in that area.

 Tanner was in the middle and he got so wet the last time!
It was a fun filled three days.

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