Thursday, October 6, 2016

Catherine Creek

We wrapped up the epic senior trip all too soon.There wasn't a lot of down time, but when there was, there were still shenanigans. 
Annaly was still obsessed with Taz
The one funny note though was that she thought Charlie was Tanner.  She wouldn't have much to do with those big boys, except Charlie whom she would always say "hi Tanner" when she saw him. 
The last day in town was spent at Catherine Creek. 
Andrew did a whole work out working against the creek as his opposition. 
Taz is trying to get Beckham to body float with him, but he's having nothing to do with it.
Cynjyn wasn't having anything to do with the Creek either, but she takes darn good selfies!
Kres was so happy to have his creek buddy to join him this year!

We picniced as usual with some BBQ beef sandwiches and chips and salad.

The boys started out in the creek
A lot of us were spectaters
Annaly of course couldn't get enough of the water!

The city boys quickly petered out and didn't like the "cold" water.

Beckham enjoyed his rock pool.

Cynjyn liked posing on the big rock.

Kres and Beckham found things to do.
Then finally at the end, the boys wandered down the creek a bit and started to have a little fun.
It was kinda cold though!

The boys still liked skipping rocks best!

Marcus had enough and it was sadly time to head home for them to pack up for their long trip back to Vegas.

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