Thursday, October 27, 2016

September Little Things

I love Cynjyn's snapchat stories. I really like all the cool filters that it has. I just don't check it too often. But when I do I always takea screen shot of the good ones.

September was a super busy month.  Taz not only worked for the bookstore from 8-2, but then went straight to volleyball to assistant coach the JV girls team.  It was so busy for him.  He kind of enjoyed it and it kind of gave him grief.

We went to the first school assembly.  We found out that we could just show up and attend.  It was kind of awkward, but it was fun to see Cynjyn dance.
One Saturday morning, Garry and I were at WM and we saw their grills on clearance.  So we bought one for us and Talon for $65.00  Talon's is still in the box until they move, but we put ours together.
Talon and Mikel are nursery leaders and one Sunday the other three of us helped them out!  It was the Goon nursery crew.
Bagherra and Bentley playing.

Bagherra in her best spots to hang out.  Our bed...she sleeps with us every night.

By or on me.
Playing with Tanner.

And exploring our closet.
Tanner and Cynjyn are doing a piano flute violin trio for Taz's farewell and so they have really been practicing.  It is a song with just a violin and piano part, so Tanner wrote the flute part for Cynjyn.
Cynjyn was nominated for homecoming court.  There are about 20-25 girls nominated, the school votes and narrows it down to the top 5.  She made top 5 and so we decided we'd better go in search of a dress just in case.  While at the mall, a store was having a shoe sale...all shoes $20.00 including boots.  Tanner loved the above the knee boots and really wanted Cynjyn to get some, but she was a no go.  So I tried them on and everyone got a good laugh of me in them with jeans.  I didn't get them, but I did get some regular below the knee ones.
Tanner, Cynjyn and I went to Kubo and the two strings. It was good, we liked it.
Taz shares his cereal with Bagherra every morning.  A bit for him, a sip for her.
I spruced up my table runner and table with fall decor early.
Dance team in their jackets during spirit week. 
Spent the evening helping Cynjyn braid her hair in tiny braids for spirit day. (She wanted it to come out wavy.)
For 70's day
Farm day?
70's with team.
Garry had to go out of town for a few days and when we'd do find my IPhone, he was here:
I made a batch of strawberry freezer jam.
So much time and money was spent getting all of Taz's stuff for his mission.

Garry is making two twin beds like Cynjyn's for a single mom in our ward.
I wanted a photo with Tanner and Cynjyn jumped it too!
One morning, Talon took Taz and I to the gun range to shoot his hand guns.

I only shot one round and let them do the rest.
Bagherra in her warm towels.
Back to school night and Cynjyn danced and played with the band.

Tanner got a new vest and color from WM.
And that's September Little Things.

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