Wednesday, October 19, 2016

July Little Things

Although our epic senior trip was a big part of July, other things also happened. So here is my tribute to July and all the little things I don't want to forget.  I forgot to include this in the last post, but I made us three take a photo before we left.  I love my mom and daughter so much and I'm so grateful they are in my life!!

 Taz blowing a GINORMOUS bubble.

We were all together for dinner, that is rare nowadays due to Tanner, Mikel and Talon's work schedule and Taz and Cynjyn's social life.
We went to Jessica Witt's wedding reception.  It was at her new husband's parents backyard.  It was a hot evening, but a beautiful reception.

We always love a good photo booth!!
Talon and Bentley
Our weekly volleyball.  This particular week was 4th of July and we played early in the day.
We actually went to the Shafer's for a BBQ and Madeline's birthday.  We left before the big firework show there because we were leaving early the next morning and the boys were bringing their suitcases by and Taz wanted to be the fire maestro and light all the fireworks that we got.

After we got back from Oregon, Cynjyn and Bentley rebonded.

Cynjyn's becoming quite the hair cutter.  Today it was Norma's hair that got a little trim.
Mikel had a good idea to go to the midnight breakfast at GVR.  When it came time to leave, she was sound asleep.  So was Tanner, sooo, it was just us and Taz brought along Lyric because she'd never been before.  The funny thing about this trip was that Garry brought a pocketful of sliced cheese for burgers because he didn't want to pay $1.00 extra for cheese!
A lazy Sunday with me and Cynjyn and our new shoes from Oregon.
Taz went to a singles ward activity at the Van's and helped Brother Van clean out his pool for the event.
Taz has discovered skateboarding.  He resurrected Talon's old board and spiffed it up a little and go it in working condition.  He skateboarded a lot after that.
The biggest news of July was that Taz got his mission call!  It came on July 25th a Monday at around 4 pm.  We managed to make a few texts and get people here by 9 when he opened it.  Cynjyn was leaving the next day and wanted to be there.  Unfortunately, Tanner was a work until midnight, so he missed the opening. Hunter went upstairs and took a picture of everyone that was there for us. 

We had a map out and everyone wrote down a guess.
This is him with the call.
We ended up facetiming mom and dad, Ky and Clay, Krissy and Brian, and Ella.  We made Taz talk LOUD and...Korea Seoul South is the mission!!!  He was sooo happy.  He did not want to go to South America!  It seems like everyone in this area goes there and he really wanted an Asian speaking country!  He got it.  He and the Bishop had been praying for Asian speaking.  His departure date:  October 12!
Cynjyn went to Disneyland with Norma that week.  She had a great time!
I snapped a photo while at book club 1.  Because I go every month. 2. Because I love these ladies. 3. Because I needed a photo of the day!
Talon wanted me to try to make chicken fried steak for dinner one night, so here I am with my attempt. 
This is the area Taz will be in.  It is South of Seoul and he will never be in Seoul.
Garry, Cynjyn and I went to a movie one Saturday morning.  It was not Suicide Squad, but this display was up for Cynjyn obliged the photo opp.
Tanner has been having his weird skin issues and wakes up with swollen eyes and weird blemishes on his face all the time.  It is such a trial for him!
Garry and I bought new chairs for our room to watch TV in.  We got them at IKEA and we love them.  The rock a little.
Cynjyn snapped this on her way home from Cali.
Lazy Sunday's.
Tanner bought a shoe shelf at IKEA.
Cynjyn and Snapchat!
Me rocking ponytails and Tanner chilling at IKEA.
And that's our July.

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