Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd annual staycation

Last year, we spent the last few days of summer on a family staycation at Golden Nugget. Well, this year, Garry found rooms at Excalibur for $25.00/night. So, we did another staycation. We are really loving this and it is hopefully going to turn into an annual event. We checked in Monday night and had adjoining rooms. These three slept in one room that had two queen beds and Garry and I had a room with a King. We just left the adjoining door open and had access to both rooms. The first night, we explored around the shops and Cynjyn loved the moving walkway between Excalibur and Luxor, so we went over the Criss Angel shop at Luxor. They had a little arcade section at Excalibur. We went down there and the only thing the kids wanted to do was a motion ride roller coaster. Luckily, that didn't "break the bank".

Taz and Cynjyn had ortho appointments Tuesday morning, so I took them to that while Garry and Tanner went to volleyball. We got back around 10:30 and had to wait out in the hall because they were doing up our room:(

We got the all day buffet where you could go in and out and eat as many times as you wanted until 10:00 that night. I have never eaten so much!! It was worse than the cruise. Taz, Cynjyn and I went, then we went an hour later with Tanner and Garry when they got done and then we went back three more times that day!!
We hit the pool. They had a rock slide and 4 pools. Taz and Cynjyn weren't too thrilled with the rock slide (boring) and so they only went down twice. The pool was freezing and so I suggested we go explore the other pools. They were much warmer and we ended up swimming for about an hour and then went in the hot tub.

Of course, we went to the buffet after swimming. Cynjyn LOVED this little chocolate dessert.

We bought them all Mr. Squigglies at a little shop that entertained them Tuesday night.

Tanner liked just lying around! He was probably too stuffed to move!! This was taken after our last visit (9:00) to the buffet.

Tuesday, we got these three all day passes to the NYNY roller coaster. They ended up riding that thing 18 times!! Garry and I took a book and sat on a bench while they rode in the afternoon, and then we went again in the evening. They got their money's worth on that deal. It was $25.00 each and so 18 rides turns out to about $1.40/ride.

We were sad to leave Wednesday morning and they are already looking forward to where we will stayca next year!!

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gwen said...

You guys amaze me--never a dull moment. It sure beats driving in a car for hours to get someplace relaxing! We should all try a staycation!

Ron said...

That all-you-can-eat buffet deal sounds dangerous... looks like it was a fun time.

kc and k said...

Yes, that staycation sounds wonderful!! 18 times-sweet!!!

Carol said...

Ron and I used to do staycations before they called them that. We never had any money to go out-of-town, but we could usually get a cheap or comped room for a little get away. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I've never heard of an all day buffet--wow!

Tanner said...

The rollercoaster was fun, but i had to bail the 17 because my butt hert to much.