Friday, September 17, 2010

What's cookin??

Here is the promised pictures of Cynjyn in her jeans. She is planning on being a hippie for halloween and she wants to wear these jeans.
She liked the back the best because of the sideways streaks.

I love Thursday's and Fridays. I don't have piano, so I am able to put a little effort into dinner. Last night, everyone was just sitting around watching TV or playing video games, so I gathered everyone together and informed them they were all helping me make dinner.

We were having Italian Stuffed Pizza and we were going to make two fo them. So we would have a contest and let Tanner and Cynjyn be a team and make one and me and Taz. We would have Talon and Dad be the taste tester. (this was just a way to get them motivated since they have the same ingrediants and there's not much room for variation, they were both going to taste the same!)

Taz basically did ours on his own as I was cleaning up and setting the table etc.

Pizza #1 done and ready to go in the oven.

Pizza # 2 patiently waiting for its turn.

The verdict?: Pizza #1. Since #2 had to wait 20 minutes to cook, the dough rose a little and so it was more doughy. Talon and Garry prefered a less bready covering over their pizza. I personally like the dough part, but since I only had one piece, I didn't get to taste Taz's version. Anyway, it was fun and we all enjoyed making dinner together!

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gwen said...

Love the jeans and love the idea of everyone pitching in to help with dinner! Looks Good, and the cooks look happy!

Krissy T. said...

The jeans turned out great! Better than the store bought ones! Is she going to try to make the holes too?

chris jenkins said...

the jeans turned out super cute - i think my twins would love to make a pair!

love the idea of having the kids pitch in and cook dinner - i will have to find a day when my kids can do this!

Ron said...

great idea of kids helping make dinner! I'd comment on the jeans but that wouldn't be "manly". . .