Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saving money and having fun

This summer, Cynjyn found a pair of jeans that were splattered with paint. She really wanted them, but they were expensive. My sister found some jeans on clearance for $7.00, so we bought those and I told Cynjyn she could splatter them herself and save money and have a little fun. Plus, she would be able to choose her own colors and not have to settle with the mustard yellow and pea soup green that were on the ones in the store. She's been wanting to do it for awhile now, finally on Sunday we took the time to do it. I showed her how on a piece of newspaper and I then let her have at it and she loved it. She had 4 different colors and did a really good job. Taz thought it looked like so much fun that he went and found a plain shirt in his closet and did that. He also was a pro at it!
He wore his shirt the next day to school. All his friends loved it and were pleasantly surprised that he made it himself. Cynjyn has yet to wear hers to school (it's still a little hot for jeans!)

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Krissy T. said...

That looks pretty cool! Show us how the jeans turn out too.

gwen said...

Cute idea-=-cute shirt, TAz! I want to see the jeans, too.

kc and k said...

It looks like they turned out so good.