Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is in the air!

I made these yummy, decadent treats on Friday to take up to Mt. Charleston for our ward bbq/picnic on Saturday. They were delicious! Easy peasy too: Dip nutter butters in chocolate (I used almond bark) and then cut a reeses peanut butter cup in half and stick it on top before it hardens. Ohhhh, so good! I did take my camera to the ward bbq, but only took this picture of Garry and Tanner because they match so good!! Taz and Cynjyn were off with friends most of the time, so I didn't track them down to get any pictures.
I made Garry take one of me and my girls!! Karen and Toni, I talked to them most of the evening. It was so nice up there and we all loved getting away from the heat. We resisted putting jackets on until absolutly neccessary, then as soon as dusk hit, out they came!! But I'm so not complaining. LOVED IT!

Sunday, the kids and I did a halloween craft we found on a blog: tutorial it was easy and so stinkin cute!!

They painted,

and chose google eyes and I wrapped them with the hot glue gun.

We didn't even distress them. We decided to add bows to the girls and yes, our family is girl heavy, after all they are MUMMIES;)

Cynjyn's favorite was the baby.

The finished family!

A few weeks ago, I had found some vases, (the smaller ones at the $ store, and the big one in the back at Home Goods). I filled most of them with candy and the one with autumn colored "gems" and acorns (from WM). I got the candle holder from HG and found the little flower thing at WM. I got the little "towel holder" at HG and printed up a 6x8 scrapbook page of a few past Halloween pictures to hang on it and created this little scene on my extra table. I got the ideas and inspiration here.

I added my mummy family last night and wala, it now feels like fall! I may not even get out my old decorations this year. I'm liking the simpleness so far. We did do one other craft, but it's not quite done. I'll post when I finish it.

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Heather said...

I love the decorations! I always aspire to be festive, but the only fall decorating I've ever managed to get done is jack-o-lanterns.... And one fall, all we did was put uncarved pumpkins on the porch. :) Your stuff looks great!

Carol said...

Halloween is so fun to decorate for. Love the stuff you made! You're so creative! There was a ward bbq? Dang! I always miss the fun stuff and good food.

gwen said...

Gaggy Sweet, I"ll bet!! They look good, though. The campout looked like fun--I can almost smell the campfires! THe little mummies are so cute, and as usual, you are so creative! Love all of your crafty stuff!

Ron said...

I wonder if we'd had gone to the bbq if we knew about it? :-) We've been to many over the years in that same spot, looks like anyway.