Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend we...

Yes, I do have a fourth child. Talon is still here, we see him everyday and he is part of our lives, he is just always at work, or school. So, I don't blog much about him. But, he did have an exciting day yesterday. He subbed on his friends semi-pro tackle football team. He hasn't played tackle since his Jr. year in High School. He was excited to play. Anyway, apparently, he got two interceptions and had a really good game. There was a guy at the game from the Arena football leagues. He came up to Talon after the game and asked him if he was in college. Talon said yes. He then asked him who he played for and he said he didn't play college ball. The man told him he was sure he could have gotten a scholarship to a small college and played ball. He then took his name and number and said he wanted Talon to try out for the Arena football league next time tryouts came up and he'd be sure to call him and let him know when that was. So, needless to say, Talon was very excited!!

Friday, Tanner was invited to a bday party. Amanda needed a ride and a place to hang out till the party started, so she came over about 6 and I took them to the party at 7. They looked so comfy and had very similar poses watching TV waiting for the party to start!

See, further proof Talon and Tiffany are still here. They missed dinner Friday with the family, so here they are eating leftovers. I just needed a picture because they are so cute!

Taz had a game at 9:10 Saturday morning. His team won 8 touchdowns to three. Taz scored 4 of the eight touchdowns!! He was the football king for the day.

Saturday proved to be a busy day. We had a little adventure during the day (details forthcoming). Then Taz wanted to invite some boys over to play Halo Reach. They had all been invited to a bday party for a girl in our ward, so they all came over at 3 and then went to the party together at 7. They took a break from video games to watch a little football and also to play some capture the flag!

As for our little adventure, we went to the Springs Preserve for the Asian Moon Festival. We'd never been to the preserve before. Usually you have to pay to get in, but this was free. It was a hot, hot day. Getting in to the triple digits where as it had only been in the mid 90's all week:(

But we had a fun time. We watched one of the performances which was a Japanese Taiko drum group.

They were entertaining and did three songs. But boy was it hot in the blaring sun.

We explored a little and Tanner found this mister place and happily pushed the button so the kids could cool off.

There was stuff to play on,

and exhibits to see. It was fun in spite of the heat.

The bday party that Taz was invited to was a Mad Hatter party and everyone was supposed to wear a "Mad" hat. So Garry woke up and asked Taz if he would wear a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter hat if he made it for him. Taz said of course, so we went to Joann's after the game and got some supplies. He started with a chicken wire frame,

after a lot of sniping and piecing, it looked like this.

Then he covered it in duct tape to give it a little more stability,

he then covered it in the fabric with the sash.

Added the feathers and homemade hat pins,

and ta da...the finished product modeled by our own Cynjyn! How do you think it compares to the original? We all loved it and thought Garry did an awesome job.

Taz happily wore it to the party and is now wanting to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween! Woohoo!!

Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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kc and k said...

The hat is so cool!
Kresh wants to be a werewolf for Halloween. I seriously need ideas from Garry. I looked online and all I can find are masks, but he doesn't want to have his face covered.
Triple digits is crazy!
Exciting news from Talon! If nothing else its a wonderful compliment!

kc and k said...

Also, FOUR touchdowns!!! Way to go! I wish I could have been there to see:(

kc and k said...

Also, FOUR touchdowns!!! Way to go! I wish I could have been there to see:(

gwen said...

I'll bet Talon was excited! But, what about those knees? Congrat to Taz on the touchdowns. The Asian things sounded fun, but the heat would kill me! Nothing surprises me about Garry's talent! The hat is really great!

Krissy T. said...

The hat looks great Garry and Taz! Nice compliment for Talon! Oh, and I forgot to tell Cynjyn her braces look great!