Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Halloween project

First, Cynjyn got braces on the top teeth. If it's like Taz, she won't have to wear them for long, but she does have to have 4 teeth pulled and her gums cut and some chains put on to pull two permanant teeth in that are coming in crooked. She is actually happy about the braces, but scared about the teeth "surgery". This is the other project we worked on Sunday. Tanner and Cynjyn painted the words and glittered them. I just finished today putting them on the frames and gluing the little spider tags and google eyes on.
The little tags are stickers that I thought were so cute, so I mounted them on the leftover strips of background paper that I put in the frames.

The wiggle eyes are leftover from the mummies and I thought they were cuter than buttons.

This one, I put the eyes on the middle O and a bow on the side. They are easy and cute. The wood letters are glued to the outside of the frame.

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gwen said...

I didn't realize Cyn was the age for braces already! They are cute, but I'm sorry she has to go through all that other stuff. As usual, your craftiness is amazing!

kc and k said...

I love the glitter! They turned out so cute. Cynj's teeth surgery sounds horrifying! Poor thing. The braces are cute, though.