Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, August 16th was the last night family would be in town. All good things must eventually end. We promised Ella a "BIG" adventure and it just so happened that Excalibur was having a buy one get one free locals special on their Tournament of Kings dinner show. So, we bit the bullet and bought 12 tickets. Of course, we got second row in the dragon section!! Everyone was so excited to wear their new converse!! Some even mixed and matched shoes. Everyone had seen it but Tiffany, Ella and Kres and Beckham. The kids were so excited for it to start!

We got the obligatory group shot of all 12 of us.
Merlin came by preshow for a visit. Here Cynjyn is telling him how much she likes his "soft, pretty" robe. His reply: "JC Penny night teen collection". She thought that was so funny!

The show is loud and crazy and we thought Beckham would be afraid, but he was yelling, cheering and clapping with the best of us. It was so funny to watch. After the show the kids went down and tried to get a picture with one of the knights.

This is as good as we got.

Our cheering section-- Dragon, too bad evil never wins. But it was fun cheering for him!

The day before was Taz's bday. He turned 12. He got ordained that day at church and Tanner got set apart as the Teacher's quorum President. So it was a good day for family to be in town.

Talon did some bonding with Beckham and Kres. Kres was trying to sumo wrestle him and Beckham was once again bonding with another male in the family. He took an instant liking to Talon.

I think Talon has a couple of pounds and inches on him!

Beckham also liked Tiffany!

What a great way to end our company vacation week.
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Krissy T. said...

Mom was raving about how fun the show was this time around! I'm sure Beckham was cute to watch (I hear he occassionally cheered for the wrong guy :)

gwen said...

This was so much fun, and Ella said she would remember it the rest of her lifer! The horsemanship was great and the show was very entertaining! (almost as entertaining as watching the shoe exchange!)