Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays NEVER get me down!

The weekend before school started, we had a housefull of kids. Taz had three friends over and Cynjyn had Becca over. It was afternoon and it started pouring rain. The kids hadn't realized and I had to go tell them all. They immediatly ran outside and started running and playing around in the rain. Now, we seldom get rainstorms in Vegas, so yeah, it's a BIG DEAL. It lasted about 20 min.

The drops were HUGE!

Talon was just coming home from getting his hair cut and he was the ONLY one that wanted to be inside.

Everyone was soaked by the end, so I had them take their shirts off and I put them in the dryer and gave everyone a big swimming towel to dry off and wrap up in!

I have been eating a lot of this lately. I love it when fall comes around and peaches are in season. This particular batch was ripe and juicy and ready to eat. So I just HAD to have me some peaches and cream for breakfast!

Tanner has been in love with Charisse since we saw her on Oprah a few years ago. She is a teen singer discoverd from the Phillapines with an awesome voice. We heard on the radio awhile back that the Henderson Pavillion was having an end of summer bash with Charisse and Big Time Rush and a few other up and coming bands. So Tanner MADE me get tickets. They were only $19.95. So here we are waiting for the concert venue to let us in.

We had good seats, row R and the weather was perfect. A big breeze and not too hot.

We got there at 6 and the concert started at 7.

A local band opened and everyone was sitting and relaxing. Then Charisse came out and everyone went a little crazy. They all started standing up and filling in gaps and crowding in front of seats. I couldn't see her AT ALL. She is a little bitty thing, but the kids could see her by standing on the chairs. This was my view.

Cynjyn opted for shoulders.

They had breaks inbetween performances and they made an announcement that everyone had to stay in their assigned seats for Big Time Rush and you couldn't crowd the aisles. Thank heavens! When they came out though, everyone stood up, it wasn't as bad as Charisse, but a few rows in front of us some girls were holding up POSTERS that kept blocking our view!! So, Garry and Tanner went to the end and were gracious enough to help Taz and Cynjyn. They all could see pretty well, I gave up and sat down! The kids loved it though, so I guess it was worth it for their first concert experience!

The Sunday before school, our stake had a stake court of honor (don't EVEN get me started on whose bright idea that was!) Anywhooooo, Taz got his second and first class rank advancement!!

August 30, Monday, school started. I love having my kids home, but I love Mondays when everyone is gone and the house is quiet and I can do my chores and relax or whatever. They were all happy to start school and we all look forward to a great year.

Tuesday, seminary started. Now all last year, Tanner would get up at 5:40 and leave by 5:50 to get as much sleep as possible. So this day, it was 5:40 and I didn't hear him in the shower, so I got up and went out to wake him and here is how I found him!! He was sitting on the cupboard. He'd already showered, eaten and brushed his teeth! He was ready and he'd got up at 5:00 am to do it. He says he likes being fully awake and ready and he likes taking a long leisure shower. So he now gets up at 5:00 every morning to get ready!!

And that's that:)
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gwen said...

Fun rain--reminds me of our hail storm this summer and the kids ruinning around in it! I went to a Rascal Flatts concert with Rob and Jodi--we had Row M on the floor, and the people stood up all the time. I gave up and sat down and only caught a glimpse once in a while! It was a great concert, though; but I'll never get "floor" seats again--and they cost so much more! Good luck in school, kids!!

Tanner said...


Ron said...

playing in the rain is one of life's little enjoyments when you're a kid. You guys sure stay busy... it's a good thing.