Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feelin' Crafty

Well, here are the posts I promised about the camp craft. First, I whipped this up for my wall before I left for Oregon. I bought some small glass plates at Wal-Mart and printed out some pictures with some journaling that says LOVE-AT-HOME one word on each picture. Then, I took some of those decorative clear rocks that you can get at Wal-Mart and I modge podged some coordinating scrapbook paper onto the bottoms of each one. I modge podged the pictures onto the frames and then super glued the "rocks" on each plate. I hung them on my plate hanger in the dining room...simple and easy and cute! This was the camp craft. We made flowers out of fabric to turn into hair clips. We did two different kinds. The first, you have to get some sort of flimsy material such as tulle or organza and then you cut out several circles. Cut them in descending sizes such as 4", 3", 2" etc. If you leave them as circles, the flower turns out more rounded. If you clip in towards the center, they'll look more like petals. Here are some unclipped ones.

Then, you light a tea light candle and hold the material in the flame and it melts and curls as you turn it.

This is what they look like after all being "burned".

This is a clipped one, just to show what it looks like.

Then, you just hot glue the circles together in descending order and then glue a pearl, or a button or some sort of bling in the middle.

Take a clip and cover it with some felt to glue on the back.

Here they are finished. The silver one is unclipped the other two are clipped.

You can do the same thing with regular material and no burning. Just take your circles and fold them into halves or fourths or whatever size you like the look of. I cut these with decorative scissors and hot glued in layers.

You can glue them onto a headband if you don't want a clip.

They are super easy and fun to make. Cynjyn and I spent an afternoon making the burned ones and I made the others at camp. You should try it if you have girls!! (Or even for yourself)

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gwen said...

Seems easy--Very Cute! I loved the purple one you wore with your purple shirt!

Krissy T. said...

Will you or Cynj make me a white or black flower on a clip?