Monday, September 13, 2010

The big switcheroo!

Taz turned 12 and we decided that it was time for him and Cynjyn to stop sharing a room. So, Tanner reluctantly agreed to give up his room to Cynjyn and move in with Taz. We think Talon will move out in about a year, so we are giving Tanner first pick of which room he will want for his sacrifice. He wasn't too bummed about it. Anyway, on Labor Day, Tanner started packing up his room and so at 11, we started the switch. We weren't planning on doing it that day, but we decided to. We were done by 3!! It was actually quite easy. Garry had to take apart the beds, but while he did that, we moved their stuff into the hall and onto Taz's side of the room. We had already started and Tanner said, "Mom aren't you going to take before, during and after pictures?" So this was the first pix I took.
We had already taken away Cynjyn's bed, so she posed where it HAD been.
Here is the hallway. We moved some of the stuff into Talon's room and then the hallway was also packed. We even had stuff in the bathroom.

Talon's room has never looked this messy, good thing he wasn't home to witness it.

Here is the excess stuff on Taz's side of the room.

Here are the after pix: Cynjyn's new room!

We made sure to find room for her Taylor Lautner shrine.

She finally had enough wall to put up some posters she'd collected and we moved some of the asian decor in there also.

Tanner put his twinkle lights up and got his wall decor on and was pleased with extra room and a cooler room. (temp wise).

He's got room for his desk and the closet holds his clothes and Taz's with no problem.

Taz was unphased by the switch, and Cynjyn had no problem sleeping alone because she was so excited to have her own room. Tanner seems fine too because Taz basically only sleeps there now that he has his XBox in the garage to keep him company. So it's been a good thing!

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kc and k said...

Wow, that was VERY thoughtful of Tanner for switching. It's amazing how much you can accomplish in a few hours when everyone helps.

gwen said...

What a job--Looks like everyone is happy! The new looks look really good!